Friday, March 03, 2006

The Last Straw!

This is my husband and I, in Mexico on the island of Janitzio, this past December. I was wearing tree braids with some very expensive human hair. The weather in Mexico was in the mid to high 70's by day and in the high to mid 60's by night. This hair went completely crazy on my head during this trip. It must have been cut from the head of a mad woman. Now mind you I specifically got my hair done to go on this trip. It was here in Mexico fighting with the big hair mess on top of my head where I realized that the people there could have cared less about my hair, my skin color, what kind of designer purse I carried, or how many pairs of shoes I had or whatever. They were simple folks, hardworking, gracious and kind. Not at all superficial. I actually begin to feel self conscious about the tree braids which by the time I left Mexico closely resembled Chaka Khan circa 1977. I refused to be photographed by that point.

This is an amazing sunset near El Camiche, in Yurecuaro. It was here walking the trails and communing with God that I decided accept and embrace everything God has given me, including my beautiful kinky hair. Who was I to keep frying my hair, burning my scalp, trying to beat my hair into submission to fit someone elses standard of beauty and managability? I had spent thousands of dollars over the years on weaves (sewn in, glued in), micro braids, dookey braids, corn rows, inter locks, you name it, I've had it, and had never been happy with the fakeness of it all, yet still I tried to convert my hair away from what God has given me. I really felt the need to ask for His forgiveness. I made my decision right then and there that the fake hair was coming out as soon as I got home and I was going natural. Hence, I returned home on December 19th, my Sisterlocks were born on December 29, 2005.


Pnk-e said...

Reading this post helps center me right now as I am in a state of ambivalence about my locs. I was just fantasizing how I was going to cut off my locs and go back to braids and how easy the upkeep had been. Funny you should mention "tree braids" because I was surely thinking this was an option for me. I giggled at you saying the extension hair was possibly cut from a mad woman, LOL; I do so wish you would have taken pictures of the Chaka Khan coif.

Chocolata said...

Pnk-e, if tell you that hair had a mind of it's own...girl! I don't think I had ever been more embarrassed about how my hair looked in all my life. I'll see if I can't scrounge up a picture from somewhere and post it.

I think your hair is lovely - of course I can't see the dryness you speak of in your photos but I'm glad you're going to give it some time.

Maryee said...

Love your testimony!! Thanks for sharing.