Sunday, October 29, 2006

Transition Accomplished!


these are my BEFORE photos

Today is my 10 month loc'versary. I had my re-tightening with my regular loctician, 6 days ago, and was given the OK to free myself from my troublesome permed ends. I had my good friend, Lana Smith, also, a certified loctician, cut off my permed last night. FREE AT LAST!

In retrospect, I would not have been able to initially deal with the shorter hair, and I started with permed ends for that reason. What I found though, is that I had to constantly curl and style my hair, which meant that washing it was an all day affair. After washing, air drying, braiding and or setting it on curlers would take up the better part of a day for me - not the convenience I was seeking in locs at all! Between the bunching at the point where the two textures meet, I was not enjoying my locs to the maxx. Having had to curl it so tight, it looked short anyway, and I learned to adapt to the look.

I ran into a girlfriend on Tuesday, who I had not seen since before I had the locs installed. She was surprised to see me, but stopped and stared, when I looked at her inquisitively, she said "your hair!" This was not the first time I have had that happen. To look at my hair with the permed ends, you could never be quite sure what it was I was trying to accomplish. Posted by Picasa


BlaqKofi said...

Congratulations on losing the creamy crack ends. Now you really are free!

Chocolata said...

Thank you! I am free indeed and could not be happier about it.

Mali said...

You look beautiful! Congratulations on your newfound freeedooom!

Chocolata said...

Thank you Mali - I'm loving it!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Nice Pics and love the name of your blog!

Just wanted to make you aware of my recent blog change.

Name "Creyole" instead of LaChanda
New blog site is
New Email Address:

I know it's asking a bit much but please understnad it was a must!

Chocolata said...

Thank you Ms. Creyole. I've made the necessary changes regarindg your blog name change. I hope everything is ok.