Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm not too big on Hip Hop music basically because a lot of the messages offer very little in terms value or the promotion of progress however, someone shared this Hip Hop video from Ghana with me and I opted to share it with you. To hear our brothers from the Motherland expressing themselves on slavery and opression somehow gave me a perspective I've never before considered. We are very familiar with the impact on us as African Americans but what about the impact to those who the slave ships left behind and the generations that would come after them...

Check it out and share your thoughts.


Mali said...

That was quite interesting. Thank you.

fiona said...

I came across your website in the yahoogroup. Im currently researching about SL. Ive been considering for some time. Nice site you have.
Thanks for posting the video. I visited Ghana last year, the coast and it brought back memories. They still talk of slavery. The people are so kind and beautiful. I learned thing that we were not taught in school. Ghana is truly an uplifting experience. I advise every African American to make the journey to Ghana.