Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dr. Cornwell Responds to Chris Rock's "Good Hair"

This is Dr. Cornwell's new video, soon to be released for sale in DVD format on the Sisterlocks website. Dr. Cornwell addresses the fact that no natural hair care options were researched in making the movie, and were very marginally discussed. We are trying to spread the word and have our voices heard by Oprah, Tyra, mainstream media. We realize that natural hair poses a threat to many of their sponsors who promote the thought that "normal hair" is chemically altered and is certainly not "nappy"; heaven forbid. We must however have our voices heard. Chris Rock opened the door for discussion we have been waiting centuries to have.

I once thought that when women reached a certain age, they just wore wigs. I had no idea that my Great Aunt, Mother, several other Aunts, and I'm sure numerous other women, were wearing wigs to hide the fact that years of chemically altering thier hair had caused significant damage to their scalps, and in some cases extreme thinning, even balding. It was just not something anyone ever talked about, so generation after generation, the women aged and behold - without question or any discussion,the wig showed up. The wig was hiding an ugly skeleton. No one EVER discouraged me from perming or coloring my hair because I could end up 60 and bald. It was just a necessary evil. How sick is that?

"That Hair Thing" is serious business. We have got to teach each other to first practice self love and that certainly means not putting toxic chemicals on our scalps. I can't love myself and hate my hair which is so very much a part of me. Sisterlocks might not be the answer for everyone, but we have got to learn to deal with "our hair". I love that Chris Rock put it on blast that the black hair care industry is far from being black owned. We are the only peopole in the world who can use the products, yet we have minimal ownership interest. Wake up people!

The time for the conversation is here. The door has been opened, and we need to take advantage of it. Help Dr. Cornwell get the message to mainstream media. Forward the videos to Chris Oprah and Tyra; E-mail them. Order and read hew new book "That Hair Thing" and the Sisterlocks Approach (Second Edition)
I bought 6 extra copies to give as stocking stuffers to family and friends who love my hair but are still dealing with issues about how others will perceive them. Nevermind that people perceive them as looking crazy as hell with weaves sitting like helmets on their heads; tracks showing, matted ends bunching up. Are they seriously looking in the mirror and thinking that looks good? For real? It's not who they are and they're failing miserably at who they're trying to be. Just be yourself! It's a recokoning one has to come to on one's own terms though - the book is a great place to start.


Kay exquisite said...

hey how do I turn your music off so I can hear the video?

paula said...

Thanks a million for bringing this to our attention. Can't wait to get the dvd. Dr C. is a very special woman, I enjoyed thoroughly listening to her.

Stay blessed


Chocolata said...

@ Kay exquisite - sorry about that. The music was part of a photo slide show. It's off now. I hope you were able to hear it.

@ Paula - You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Please share it.

Chrissystina said...

Ok, the book is going in the wishlist for Christmas:-)

I have not been able to see Good Hair (I live in UTAH), but I've heard lots from the natural hair community, and it is not good.

Oprah and Tyra are showing their natural hair now (side-eyeing Tyra, though), so I hope we can talk about things to CHANGE them for the better.

Like you said, we gotta "wake-up!"

Great post:-)

Aron Ranen said...

Please check out my BLACK HAIR DOCUMENTARY film at this link. I have also posted the entire film for free on youtube.


Alise M. said...

Hey sis,
Your looks are looking exquisite in your photo shoot. Amazing what can happen in 4 years. I finally updated my blog. Go on over and check it out at Wishing you peace and prosperity in 2010.